Fidelity to the Catholic Faith

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is a private educational community directed by lay members of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Trustees, Administrators, Faculty, and Staff of the College all pledge unreserved fidelity to the Catholic Faith and undivided loyalty to the local ordinary, the Bishop of Manchester, and to the Vicar of Christ, our Holy Father the Pope.

Father Ventura blesses the Thomas More College Grotto.

A college chaplain blesses the Thomas More College Grotto.

The College joyfully finds its identity in the task of communicating the whole truth about man and God and, therefore, most especially in the confession of the saving mission of the Incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ, continued and mediated by the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

The Archbishop of Baghdad says Mass at Thomas More College.

The Archbishop of Baghdad, Jean Marie Sleiman, celebrates Mass at Thomas More College.

As an educational institution, Thomas More College is dedicated to the formation of young men and women for a life of faith and good works in the service of mankind.  As a Catholic institution, Thomas More College also seeks to provide an intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation that will equip its graduates for the work of evangelization to which all baptized Christians are called.