The Thomas More College Curriculum

Term Classical Languages,
Upper Tutorials
the Fine Arts,
Mathematics, Natural Science,
Sacred Scripture, Political Philosophy, Theology
First Year
Fall Latin Grammar or Greek Grammar (4) The Way of Beauty
Humanities I:
The Greek Inheritance
Natural Science I: Natural History (3) Expectatio Gentium:
The Desire for God
Spring Latin Grammar or Greek Grammar (4) The Way of Beauty
Humanities II:
Roman and Early Christian Culture (4)
Euclidean Geometry (3) Redemptor Hominis:
The Redeemer
Second Year
Fall or Spring
New Hampshire
Intermediate Latin or Intermediate Greek (4) Writing Tutorial I: Writing & the Love of Learning (2) Humanities III:
The Christian Civilization of Medieval Europe
Logic (3) Coram Angelis: Prayer Seeking Understanding (3)
Rome Semester Intermediate Latin or Intermediate Greek (4) Poetics (3) Humanities IV (Rome):  Approaches to the Eternal City (4) Art & Architecture in Rome (3) Mysterium Salutis: The Teaching of St. Paul (3)
Third Year
Fall Junior Tutorial (3) Writing Tutorial II: The Essay & the Art of Rhetoric (2) Humanities V: Renaissance & Reformation (4) Natural Science II: Nature & Motion (3) On the Good Life I:
Spring Junior Tutorial (3) Writing Tutorial III: Fidelity to the Word (2) Humanities VI: Enlightenment & Revolution (4) On the Soul (3) On the Good Life II:
Fourth Year
Senior Tutorial (3) Senior Thesis Research (2) Humanities VII: American Civilization (4) Metaphysics (3) Divine Economy: Creation, Fall, & Redemption (3)
Spring Senior Tutorial (3) Senior Thesis & Defense (2) Humanities VIII:
Modern Age (4)
Senior Seminar: Nostra Aetate (3) Life in Christ: Law, Grace, Virtue, and Beatitude (3)