The Way of Beauty Sequence

A workshop aimed at the restoration of the student’s ability to perceive the beauty of order and the order of beauty.  This aim is achieved through a year-long series of classes on drawing and aesthetics as well as a practical and theoretical approach to traditional Catholic music.  Privilege of place is given to the iconographic tradition and to Gregorian chant.

The Way of Beauty Sequence is broken into two parts:

Chant musicSacred Music Practicum
This course teaches students to take part in the traditional liturgical practice of the Church, employing the whole human person (vision, chant, incense, posture). Each student will learn the basic music theory that underlies chant and polyphony, and will learn to chant the psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours.

GeometrySacred Geometry Practicum
Here students will learn the geometric expression of the divine order that complements Euclidean geometry. As such, it is the visual manifestation of the principles of order and harmony that the student learns in the music practicum. Both have their common source in the liturgy. With a straight edge and compasses—the tools of the medieval mason—the students will reproduce traditional designs for a cloister, a patterned floor, and a gothic window. Through this they will develop their instincts to make their everyday work consistent with a Catholic culture of beauty.