TMC Opens Enrollment for its Summer Program for High School Students

by Thomas More College on June 8, 2009

For Immediate Release
June 8, 2009
Contact: Charlie McKinney
Phone: (603) 880-8308, ext. 21

MERRIMACK — The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts opens enrolment this week for its 2009 Collegiate Summer Program for High School Students.  Students who are seeking an intensive two week introduction to the best of the Catholic and western intellectual traditions are encouraged to apply at

Thomas More College’s Summer Program will be held from July 12 – July 25, and the second session will run from Sunday, July 26 – August 8.  Both sessions will take place on the Merrimack, New Hampshire campus of Thomas More College.

The truly lasting effect of the program is that it inspires students to not only read, but to master important works of Western Civilization.  This pursuit of knowledge and truth allows the student to realize his or her highest vocation – the attainment of wisdom and virtue.

The two week program conveys, in miniature, the vast range of liberal arts education, while taking seriously the individual participants, recognizing that all are capable of achievement beyond what they have come to expect.

St. Benedict’s motto, “Ora Et Labora” (prayer and work) govern the order of the day.  The Program’s strong spiritual component includes daily Mass and rosary, as well as readings from St. Thomas’ Summa contra Gentiles, Peter Kreeft, C.S. Lewis, and selected writings of Pope Benedict XVI.  Students learn deeper the Catholic faith and come to understand the delicate, but essential balance between faith and reason.

A mixture of scholars from the Thomas More College alumni and faculty teach and proctor the Collegiate Summer Program.  These men and women live in residence during the program and supervise all recreational and academic activities.

The Collegiate Summer Program features coursework in apologetics, literature, political science, and philosophy.

Literature courses will examine the writings of Hawthorne, Frost, Faulkner, and Flannery O’Connor, analyzing form, content, and the characters of each work in order to develop critical thinking skills.  Through careful reading and invigorating discussion, students come to understand the power of good prose and poetry.

As scholars of philosophy, students will study the concepts of truth, goodness, and beauty.  Reading selections from Greek and Christian philosophers, students will examine our origins, the conditions of the good life, and the purpose of our lives.

Through a course entitled “American Political Tradition”, students will examine the founding principles of the American Republic and their origin in the Western tradition.  Readings include the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, selected Federalist Papers, and selections from Aristotle’s Politics and Cicero’s De Legibus.

“Developing the students’ writing skills is also a major emphasis of this program,” said Thomas More College President William Fahey.  “Summer program faculty meet with students individually to help them improve their writing, especially with regard to clarity of thought and expression.  Writing is an often neglected – but essential – skill of the Twenty First Century.”

While there is much reading and studying, leisure and sports are also a major emphasis of the program.  Students also take day trips to key landmarks in New England, whether it be to culture sites in and around Boston or the natural beauty of Mt. Monadnock and the coast of Maine.

The Program, in its 34th season, is the oldest summer program hosted by an orthodox Catholic college. The Program pre-dates the founding of Thomas More College, which was established in 1978.

Tuition is $1,050, which includes room and board and the prices of admission to all day trips.  However, it is recommended that students bring spending money for souvenirs and lunches while on trips.

High school students may apply by visiting Thomas More College’s web site at

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is a four-year college that provides the rising generation with an education that forms them intellectually and spiritually within the Catholic intellectual tradition and with full fidelity to the Magisterium.  Additionally, the College has launched entrepreneurial new centers that seek to advance the teachings of the Catholic Church beyond the confines of its campus.  These centers include the Vatican Studies Center, the Center for New England Politics and Culture, and the Center for Faith and Culture in Oxford, England.


If you would like to schedule an interview with President William Fahey, please contact Charlie McKinney at (603) 880-8308 or by email at

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