Feast of Lazarus

by Thomas More College on December 17, 2009

Advent Weekday
December 17th, 2009
(Matthew 1: 1-17)

The inclusion of the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Matthew serves as a particular reminder that Christ was born into a family: Our Lady is His Mother; Saint Joseph is His Father.

Jesus had grandparents and ancestors; He came from the royal Line of King David.  We know from the study of Bible History that some of Jesus’ ancestors were very good people; others were not.

Reading the various names of family members in the ancestral line offers us an opportunity to consider members of our own families.  It also helps us to realize that because Christ is not only true God but also true Man, He understands everything that is human, both that which is good and that which is not.

The Incarnation, which is, in fact, Christmas, places Jesus in the midst of all human activity.  Christ is not a distant deity.  He is the Word_Made_Flesh.

In the texts of some classical mythologies, we learn that mortals yearned to be divine.  Jesus willed to be a man so that He would sanctify us and give to our lives true meaning.

This Incarnation of God to Man is the reason for our joy and our hope.  Christ is truly E. Man. U. el: God_is_with_us.  And, as Saint Paul writes:  “If God is with us, who can be against us?”

May these remaining days of Advent, be days of gratitude and thanksgiving to Christ for His coming among us and to Our Lady, His Holy Mother, for her generous response to the Angel Gabriel:

Ecre ancilla Domini

Fiat miki secundum verbum



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