Feast of Blessed Anthony Grassi

by Thomas More College on December 18, 2009

Daily Mass
December 18th, 2009
(Matthew 1: 18-25)

On this final day of the school term, as we prepare with joyful anticipation to begin our Christmas celebration, it is fitting that the last collegiate mass of the semester contain Matthew’s account of the Birth of Christ.

The biblical accounts of the “Christmas Story” are very familiar to us.  So familiar in fact that, if we are not sufficiently reflective, we might take for granted.

This biblical account in Matthew, and also in Luke, recounting the Birth of Jesus, invites us to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the privilege of membership within a family.

Father, Mother, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and other relatives are God’s Intention for humanity.  And while it is true that no person is perfect and therefore, no family is perfect, it is equally true that the family is the most important part of society; it is essential.

May the coming feast of Christmas invite us to pray for families: our own family, the families of our classmates, students and colleagues.

May we pray for those families whose members are physically and mentally ill, unemployed, homeless, debilitated by anxiety, fear and moral collapse.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us and for all families.


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