Feast of St. Joseph of Leonissa

by Thomas More College on February 4, 2010

Daily Mass
February 4, 2010
                    Mark 6: 7-13                    

Prior to their first missionary efforts, the Twelve are given special instructions by Jesus so that they can properly understand the mission.

To properly understand this passage in Mark, we must also have a proper view of Divine Providence.  This does not mean that we live and act irresponsibly, allowing God to do everything for us.

As persons, subject to our human needs and limitations, we require food, clothing, shelter and some form of currency; to think otherwise is simply foolish.

We must live and work so as to provide for ourselves and those for whom we are responsible.  The admonition found in the Gospel read at Mass this morning is, in fact, an invitation to live in a spirit of material simplicity: possessing and using those things which I need to properly fulfill the vocation to which God has called me, and not giving in to the common habit of having more than I need; of wasting time and money on unnecessary purchases, creating a false sense of security.

The more man surrounds himself with things, the less time and thought he gives to God and those important things associated with God: prayer, fasting, care for the poor and the reception of the Sacraments.

The Apostles were to give themselves completely to preaching and teaching, to deepen their lives of prayer and charity.

The Church herself must continually be purified and simplified so that she stands ready to be the Servant of Truth; so that she lives what she preaches.

May we too, you and I, live this spirit of evangelical simplicity so as to always respond generously to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, while at the same time, trusting in the Providence of Almighty God.


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