Thomas More College Announces 2010 Summer Program Lineup

by Thomas More College on February 4, 2010

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February 4, 2009
Contact: Charlie McKinney
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               MERRIMACK — The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts has expanded its line-up of Summer Programs in 2010, featuring a series of one-, two-, and three-week programs in Catholic leadership, sacred art, the principles of Western civilization, and naturalistic drawing. 

              Dr. William Fahey, President of Thomas More College, said, “We carefully crafted a series of summer schools for 2010 to address key areas of formation that are too often neglected.  This summer we will have new programs dedicated to the character of Catholic leadership as well as the techniques and theory associated with producing sacred art.  The original Collegiate program has also been expanded.  I hope that our summer programs will offer participants one of the most invigorating summers of their lives as they pursue knowledge under the light of Catholic Wisdom, in good company, with regular adventures that build character and fill their imagination.”

                Thomas More College operates the oldest collegiate summer program in the country, pre-dating the founding of the College itself.

              “Our Collegiate Summer Program for High School Students is our flagship program,” said Fahey.  “For 33 years, we have offered high school students an intensive introduction to the best of the Catholic and Western intellectual traditions, and an opportunity to strengthen their writing skills.  The lasting effect of this program is that it inspires students always to express their ideas clearly, and to remember that the works of the West are theirs—for life.”

               As part of this program, students will visit Boston’s historic Freedom Trail where Red

Coat and Patriot clashed, climb Mount Monadnock to see where the wild wolves of New England made their last stand, and swim off the Maine Coast where pirates, privateers, and whaling ships built the fortune of our young country.

            The Collegiate Summer Program for High School Students is open to high school students who have completed at least two years of high school, and is offered in both one and two week sessions, from June 28 thru July 9, and from August 2 thru 9. More information can be found at

            Thomas More College is also hosting a three-week Catholic Leadership Institute, which offers graduates three college credits upon successful completion.  Made possible by a grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute, this Institute prepares participants for a life of leadership as they study the characteristics of great leaders from Catholic civilization and the rich wealth of Catholic social and political thought.

            “Students in the institute will study the bedrock political beliefs that shaped our society,” said Fahey.  “One of the most important aspects of the Catholic Leadership Institute is that it teaches firsthand the essence of Catholic leadership: ‘To serve, rather than be served.’ All participants will assist soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other organizations, enacting the traditional corporal works of mercy.  This program is meant to encourage young people to consider these acts as an essential part of Catholic living.”

            The Catholic Leadership Institute is offered from July 12 thru July 30.  More information can be found at

            Thomas More College’s Way of Beauty Atelier is offering a unique series of summer schools in Catholic art and inspiration that are taught by internationally renowned working Catholic artists.  Artists and aspiring artists can choose from one or more of three programs in iconography, naturalistic drawing, and the principles of Catholic art.

           David Clayton, the director of the atelier and artist-in-residence at Thomas More College, said, “Previous training in art is not required to attend these programs.  We have worked carefully to develop these programs so that they teach the traditional principles of sacred art in a way that is useful to both advanced artists and those who have no experience in artistic drawing and painting.”

            A course on Iconography is taught from July 19 thru 30 in which participants will learn the entire iconographic painting process, and how its stylistic elements link with the theology and philosophy of the Church that forms it.

            Those interested in Naturalistic Drawing can attend a course from July 5 thru 16 that teach the skills of observation and control in drawing, as well as the stylistic elements that characterize 17th century Baroque.  By the end of the course, participants will have produced a charcoal drawing on paper and will be instructed on how to adapt the studio-based methods to other forms.

            Two sessions are offered in “Creativity and Inspiration” from July 28 thru July 2, and again from August 2 thru 6.  “Artists will find this course invaluable, but it will be fascinating for those who are interested in art as well,” said Clayton.

            In addition to learning about the philosophical and theological principles that form each artistic tradition, participants will learn “sacred geometry” – the traditional principles of harmony and proportion. Through this they will learn also how the tradition fostered creativity and openness to inspiration. “These are transferable principles, so this course would be useful wherever creativity helps: from scientific research (which I was trained in originally at Oxford), to business or even gardening!” says Clayton.

            More information on Thomas More College’s Way of Beauty Ateliers can be found at

            Dr. William Fahey noted that “Space is strictly limited for each of our summer programs.  We are not aiming to pack as many people in the seats as possible, but to offer participants an intellectually stimulating experience, in close company with their peers and seasoned faculty.”

            Dr. Fahey recommended that those who desire to attend one of Thomas More College’s summer programs sign up now to ensure a spot in the program.

            The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts provides a four-year undergraduate education which develops young people intellectually, ethically, and spiritually in the Catholic tradition and in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.   Thomas More College introduces its students to the central questions of Western civilization – and to the Church’s response.  It teaches skills in reasoning, speaking, and writing that will allow its graduates to become faithful leaders according to the individual vocations which God has given them.  In recent years, the College has allowed the strength of its curriculum to radiate out into several new initiatives, such as its Vatican Studies Center, Center for Faith and Culture (Oxford, England), and the Way of Beauty Program.  Through the lectures, books, workshops and other programs hosted by these Centers, Thomas More College is consistently seeking new and better ways of communicating perennial truths amid the confusion of contemporary society.


            If you would like to schedule an interview with President William Fahey, David Clayton, or another member of our faculty and staff, please contact Charlie McKinney at (603) 913-5939 or by email at

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