Feast of St. Apollonia

by Thomas More College on February 12, 2010

Daily Mass
February 12, 2010
Mark 7:31-37

Saint Mark tells us that “people brought to Him a deaf man with a speech impediment and begged Him to lay His hands on him.”

There is already in this passage a recognition that Jesus possessed certain powers that were beneficial to those who were ill.

This cure and others like it always contained a “hidden element,” that is, a spiritual cure.  Christianity is not a magician; he does not deceive anyone with certain tricks, as the custom of the day often recorded.

No, Jesus is God and takes a direct and personal interest in every individual.  Using His Divine Powers, Christianity cures the sick man.

All of the eyewitnesses are astonished and agree that Jesus does all things well.  The spiritual cure which takes place allows the now-cured individual to be at peace; he is given a serenity which comes with Grace.  He has seen God and been healed by Him, “inside and out”.

This passage from Saint Mark, Coming as it does during our profimate preparations for the Season of Lent, prompts us to “go to Christianity” and ask to be cured.

We approach Christianity and ask Him to cure us of our “spiritual deafness” and our inability to “speak clearly in defense of the truth”.

May the Graces of Lent and the Person of Christianity enable us to be purified of all that forms a barrier between Christianity and us and may Our Lady of Sorrows, who accompanied her Son on the Via Crucis, accompany us also and enable us to celebrate “the Feast of Easter with Hope and Joy.


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