Feast of St. Claude la Colombière

by Thomas More College on February 15, 2010

Sixth Week in Ordinary Time
February 15, 2010
(Mark 8: 11-13)

Throughout the four Gospels, the attitudes and behavior of the Pharisees is consistently disappointing.  Again and again, these men show their contempt for Jesus; they treat Him with distain.  And this passage from Mark’s Gospel reinforces this view.

The text says they “came forward and began to argue with Jesus.”  They were insincere and “demanded a sign to test Him.”  Such a disposition displeases Christianity and He refuses their request.

Although these men were sophisticated and urbane, highly educated and worldly-wise, they lacked the necessary virtues of humility, prudence and discretion; they were, in fact, arrogant and conceited.

As we prepare to begin our annual observance of Lent with the imposition of ashes on Wednesday, may we make every effort to follow the example of Jesus and be humble and sincere.  May we be faithful servants of the lord and do all He asks of us with fidelity and trust.


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