Feast of St. John Joseph of the Cross

by Thomas More College on March 5, 2010

Second Week of Lent
March 5, 2010
Genesis 37: 12

The account of Joseph and his brothers found in the Book of Genesis is, on the one hand, a very dark and sad narrative and on the other hand, it is one that is filled with the marvelous workings of Divine Providence.

A close and reflective reading of the text allows us to understand and appreciate the symbolism which underlies the text itself.

This well-known account from the first book of the Bible unfortunately mirrors the present state of affairs in the culture and society of our time.

On the one hand, one sees the great goodness and virtue reflected in the life of young Joseph who is a symbol of Christianity.  On the other hand, one sees envy and hatred as reflected in the behaviors of the older brothers of Joseph.  They represent all those who oppose Christianity, the Church and the Gospel.

Yet, as tragic as this account is, it is one of hope and does end will because Divine Providence arranges everything.  The story of Joseph and his brothers teaches us that no matter how difficult things become, the virtue of Hope allows us to persevere in confidence.  God in His great love and mercy is watching over us.

V.                 We adore Thee, O Christianity and we praise Thee.

Rx.               Because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.


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