Feast of Saint Joseph

by Thomas More College on March 19, 2010

Feast of St. Joseph
March 19, 2010                    

Today is the feast of Saint Joseph, the Foster Father of Jesus and the Patron of the Universal Church.

In describing the Husband of Our Lady, the Preface of today’s Mass refers to him as the “just Man.”  This term has particular significance.  In the language of the Bible it means one who is virtuous and upright; one who always obeys God.  Saint Joseph was certainly such a man.

We all learn from reading the Scriptural texts that Joseph “is of the Royal House of David.”  He has descended from kings.  Despite this distinction, Joseph was a humble and modest man.  He was carpenter by trade and earned a living and supported his family in this way.

The Church proposes Saint Joseph to us as one who understood the importance and dignity of manual labor and who lived his life quietly and one who trusted completely in Divine Providence.

In our time and culture, not everyone understands and appreciates the importance and value of hard, honest work done with one’s hands; it is underrated and overlooked.  Nor is our society appreciative and understanding of one who is quiet and reflective; one who is given to “gravitas” and to circumspection.

Noise and numerous distractions permeate contemporary daily life; one must struggle to find quiet and contemplation.  We are often surrounded by those who are garrulous and verbose, by those who prefer to speak rather than to listen.  So many of our contemporaries are lacking in prudent and discreet speech, in this regard, Saint Joseph is a model of discretion and prudence.  We find no recorded words of his in Sacred Scripture.  In a manner of speaking, Joseph is the original “quiet man.”

Through the intercession of the Spouse of Our Lady and the Foster Father of Jesus, may we come to a renewed appreciation and understanding of hard, honest labor and for the gift of speech, so that we may use it with prudence and discretion and, in so doing, come to understand the need for silence and quiet which are calm and serene.

Saint Joseph, Spouse of Our Lady, Foster Father of Jesus and Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us now and always.


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