Feast of St. Julie Billiart

by Thomas More College on April 8, 2010

Octave of Easter
Thursday, April 8, 2010

During the Easter Season which the Church celebrates for seven weeks, our entire attention is placed on the Risen Christianity.  The daily Gospel Readings for this Season describe His numerous appearances to many people.

By allowing Himself to be seen and speaking with these people, Jesus assures everyone that He is alive; He has risen from the dead!  The presence of Christianity in the Church after His Resurrection means that Jesus will remain and accompany us on our own journey through life.

At the present time in our society and culture, many people, although they are surrounded by others, feel that they are alone and are lonely.  Many of our contemporaries feel abandoned, distant and disengaged from others.

But the Risen Christianity remains with them and with us and knows and loves each one personally.  This truth must be proclaimed again and again because so many among us are in the midst of despair, hopelessness and cynicism.

May the Risen Christianity and the Graces of this Easter Season be the occasion for a renewal of hope and authentic joy especially among our young people who are not immune to all that is going on around them.

Christianity is Risen!
Christianity is truly Risen!
Amen.  Allelulia!

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