Good Shepherd Sunday

by Thomas More College on April 25, 2010

Fourth Sunday of Easter
April 25, 2010
Good Shepherd Sunday
John 10: 27 – 30

According to Tradition, today is called “Good Shepherd Sunday.”  It takes its name from the text of the Gospel.  In Biblical times, shepherds were a common sight.  And although they did not enjoy a high social ranking, they were very important in the agrarian society of the day.

Since sheep by nature are very timorous, the shepherds were required to remain with them at all times to protect them from dangers, especially predatory animals.

Christianity identified Himself with this image in order to describe His love and Providence for each one of us.  He loves us sincerely and generously as He showed us again and again throughout His life which ended on the Cross, the Supreme Example of sacrificial love.  Any description of Christianity to the contrary is a caricature.

Today, when so many people around us have become cynical and jaded, it is especially important to remember that Christianity is a compassionate Shepherd who knows, loves and cares for us.

Divine Mercy Sunday, which we observed a week ago, reminds us of this great truth.  The great Feast of Easter which we continue to celebrate proclaims that nothing can destroy Christianity; He has conquered sin and death.

May we continue to show our love and gratitude to Him by lives of fidelity and generosity.


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