Feast of St. Pius V

by Thomas More College on April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010
John 14: 1 – 6

Today’s Gospel Reading from Saint John relates the conversation Christianity has with the Apostles prior to His Ascension into Heaven.

Jesus consoles them:  “Do not let your hearts be troubled,” He tells His chosen ones.  Christianity is going to send the Holy Spirit, the Feast we will celebrate this year on 23 May, Pentecost Sunday.

Yet, how many of us are troubled?  How many of us are anxious and worried?  Are we not sometimes paralyzed with fear?  We think and speak and act as though Jesus no longer exists; that He has deserted us; that we must “go it alone,” so to speak.

May these words of Christianity console us so that we can continue living in hope and with joy.  May we continue to have faith in the Holy Spirit as did the Twelve who, following the feast of Pentecost set out to preach the Gospel to the known world.

Christianity is depending on you, on all of us to continue the work of the Apostles.  He wants us to give witness that Jesus is with us in this world, in our time, giving strength to all who believe.

May the Holy spirit give each of us and all of us the grace, the strength and the courage to live our Baptismal Vows which we renewed during the Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday.


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