Requiem Mass for Deceased Alumni

by Thomas More College on May 6, 2010

Requiem Mass for Deceased Alumni
May 6, 2010

Death is, and will remain, a deep and unsettling mystery.  Christianity has, however, through His Passion, Death and Resurrection, drawn back the curtain and has allowed us to see the limitations of this reality.

For all of us who believe in Christianity and the resurrection of the body, physical death in the beginning of a new life:  Eternal life with God.  It is the way in which each one of us will begin eternity.

During these days, when the Church continues the celebration of Easter, the Risen Christianity stands at the center of our life and the life of the Church.

This morning we have come to the Chapel, untied to each other and the Alumni by the Sacrament of Baptism, our common membership in the Mystical Body of Christianity and the strong bond of charity, to offer a Requiem Mass for the deceased Alumni of Thomas More College.

These young people came to this very Chapel to be nourished and strengthened by the Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist.  And now, in His inscrutable Providence, the Lord has called them to Himself.  And as we remember these former students, may we be resolved to live in a spirit of humility and service to those around us.

When we choose to live in this way, we conform ourselves more closely to Christianity, who “came to serve rather than be served.”  At the same time, we become witnesses to those around us that life is best lived for others.

Now, as we continue the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, may we keep ever before us the words of Christianity read in the Gospel at Mass this morning:

I am the resurrection
And the life; whoever
Believed in me, even if he dies,
Will live, and everyone who
Lives and believed in me
Will never die.  (John 11: 17 – 27)


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