Our Lady in the Life of the Church

by Thomas More College on May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

Our time honored Catholic customs dedicate the Month of May to Our Lady, the Woman whom God chose to be the Mother of His Son.

This was part of God’s Providence which He revealed in a veiled manner in the Book of Genesis (3:15) when God the Father promised to send the Redeemer.

Again, a reference is made to the Virgin of Nazareth in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah (7:14) when God promises the “House of David” a Messiah.

It is, however, in the various books of the New Testament that Our Lady comes to take her place in the Providence of God and in the lives of every follower of Christianity, her Son.  Mary, the Mother of the Redeemer, is given an essential role in the life of the Church, precisely because she is: “Theo. Tokos,” the “Bearer of God,” who establishes the Church.

The Birth of Christianity (Luke 2:1-7), Our Lady’s participation in His sufferings (2:34-35), her presence at Cana (John 2:1-5) and on Calvary (John 19: 25-27), all speak of Mary’s proximity and importance.  It should also be noted that Our Lady was present at Pentecost (Acts: 13-14 ff).

The Church, then, presents Our Lady to us as a “Model of fidelity to Christianity, to the Church and to the Gospel.  She is the Woman of faith, of silence, of prayer, obedience and service.”  May these days in the month of May prompt us to pray to her, especially the Holy Rosary and during these days of the Easter Season, through the recitation of the Regina Caeli.

Mary, most holy, Mother of God, Seat of Wisdom, Mother of Good counsel, pray and intercede for us, now and always.


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