Feast of St. Bridget

by Thomas More College on July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010
Matthew 13: 18 – 23

The Parable of the Sower and the Seed read in Saint Matthew’s Gospel this morning is related in a particular way to the Liturgical Memorial which the church celebrated on July 11: The Feast of Saint Benedict.

Christ wants us to understand that the Sower is God; the Seed is His Sacred Word found in Scripture.  The images of the path, the rocky ground, the thorns and the rich soil are images of the souls of all of us who listen to the words of Scripture.

Saint Benedict proposed a method of listening to Scripture which originated with Saint Ambrose and was adopted by Saint Augustine.  It has been given the title “Lectio Divina:” Sacred Reading.

Jesus reminds us by means of this Parable, that if we wish to understand correctly and benefit properly from our prayerful reading of God’s Word, we will do our best to avoid the pitfalls which are listed in Saint Matthew’s Gospel.

Placing ourselves in as much silence and calm as possible, we implore the Holy Spirit to give us the proper understanding of what we are reading; to apply it personally and in our daily life, to put it into practice.  This, in summary, is the practice of “Lectio Divina.”

Our present Holy Father, Benedict XVI, continues to encourage this practice.  During your Summer Classes at Thomas More, you are participating in the Choral Recitation of the Divine Office.  It is exactly at this time that you are practicing this ancient and venerable form of Prayer.

May it help you deepen your live for God’s Sacred Word and grant to each of you the Graces of calm and serenity.


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