Students Walk for Life in Boston

by Thomas More College on October 11, 2010

On Sunday, October 4, half of the student body from Thomas More College joined with thousands of enthusiastic citizens in Boston to rally and march for the sanctity of human life.

Early in the morning, students piled into a bus that was chartered thanks to the generosity of a few of the College’s donors. After Mass, students gathered on the Boston Common where they were inspired by several pro-life speakers, including a letter read from the Archbishop of Boston who singled out young people as playing a key role in ending legalized abortion.

Incited by the speeches and the presence of pro-lifers from throughout New England, students began the long trek through the city streets, aided by pleasantly cool weather. Throughout the peaceful walk, Thomas More College students prayed the Rosary and sang hymns.

Students were eager to march for life. “I did not have to think hard about going on the march,” said sophomore John Gilleran. “Of all present day issues, abortion is at the top of my list.”

Sophomore Kate Almeda was inspired by the sheer number of fellow marchers. “It was exciting to see so many people who are really willing to march for the pro-life cause,” she said.

Senior Will Russell, president of the student-led Thomas More College Culture for Life Society, stated, “I wanted to give my support to one of the most important movements in our country and to show that young people must have a voice in one of the most critical issues of our time.” He echoed the feeling of solidarity with other concerned citizens, saying “It was inspiring to know there are other people dedicated not only to life but also to God.”

Russell saw the event as a chance to educate. “I realized during the march that people naturally have good in them, but are perverted by the evil indoctrination of the age. In order to dispel the darkness, we must speak out for life in truth and in love.”

Junior Antonia Swift, vice-president of the College’s Culture for Life Society, thinks that “the truths of the pro-life movement and the truth about the dangers of abortion are being widely embraced. There were fewer pro-choice counter-protesters than last year.”

She is proud of her Thomas More classmates, saying, “I was encouraged that so many students gave up their Sunday to march for the cause.”

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