Feast of St. Peter of Alcantara

by Thomas More College on October 22, 2010

Daily Mass
October 22, 2010
Luke 12: 54 – 59

The Gospel for Mass today is a continuation of the same chapter of Luke that was read at the Holy Sacrifice yesterday morning. In this section, Christ chides His listeners because, although they know the signs in nature that can predict the weather, they cannot, in Jesus’ words: “read the signs of the times.” Some of the people are not paying attention to what is happening around them.

In fact, they have become so preoccupied with their own worries that they fail to notice the needs of others; they no longer understand other people and their surroundings. Many today have adopted this attitude. They do not like the present world or its condition so they have taken refuge in the past and are frightened of the future. This mental arrangement of reality seems to help momentarily, but ultimately it is an illusion.

God has asked us to live in the world which He made for us. And He has willed that we live in these times. The past is no more; the future has not come; we only have the present. And since all time belongs to God, we must trust Him completely.

It would be well for us to pay heed to the wise advice of the Bishop of Hippo, Saint Augustine, who wrote: “We must trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to His lo9ve and the future to His Providence.”

May the Graces given us at this Holy Mass help us to be grateful for each day and prompt us to do all we can to be attentive to those around us and offer our help when it is needed.


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