Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude

by Thomas More College on October 28, 2010

Daily Mass
October 28, 2010

Today the Church honors two members of the Apostolic College, Saint Simon and Saint Jude. Eleven of the Apostles died as martyrs for Christ and the Gospel. Each made the supreme sacrifice in order to remain faithful to the Truth which they lived and preached.

Earlier in the month, we celebrated the feast of Saint Callistus who also died a martyr’s death. He was one of the Successors of St. Peter and died in the second century.

But we do not need to look exclusively to the early centuries of the Church to find courageous individuals who have died for Christ and the Gospel. In the nineteenth and twentieth century’s, efforts to destroy the Faith and the Church were made in Spain, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, China and Cuba. Thousands of faithful Catholics died for the faith among who were hundreds of young people your own age. One should never take his Faith and the practice of his religion for granted.

May the example and intercession of Saints Simon and Jude strengthen us and may the example and intercession of all contemporary martyrs help us to persevere in our efforts to live what we believe.

All holy martyrs, past and present, pray for us now and always.


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