Thomas More Students Intern, Learn Vital Skills

by Thomas More College on November 18, 2010

The liberal arts education offered at Thomas More College is aimed at the full development of the person, consonant with the educational philosophy of Blessed John Henry Newman. We recognize, however, that our graduates must have adequate preparation to enter the world of work which awaits most of them. The Church and society need responsible Catholic citizens, teachers, artists, communicators, businessmen, lawyers, legislators, and other faithful stewards. Graduates of Thomas More College are called upon to translate their liberal arts education into practicable, productive endeavors which will help them to form and support families, and otherwise build up the Culture of Life.

At Thomas More College, we assist graduates in bridging their intellectual formation and the practical application of that education by providing them with a variety of internship possibilities. Working with select institutions whose missions are compatible with the Gospel and the natural virtues, we offer these bright young men and women the opportunity to put to use the wisdom and knowledge gained in the classroom.

Since 2008, for instance, Thomas More students have been working as interns at an array of communications apostolates in Rome, such as Vatican Radio and H20 News—a video news service that is broadcast online throughout the world, and run in close association with the Vatican’s TV offices. Students have narrated the news, dubbed the daily Mass readings into English, and learned the intricacies of audio and video production. They have also worked closely with Tony Assaf, an editor at Zenit News—a worldwide online service that has hundreds of thousands of readers every day. In 2010, H20 interns from Thomas More College included sophomores Maisie Sifert, Sam Miloscia, and Wilfred Thomas.

Students visit the Supreme Court as part of their internship with the Culture of Life Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Closer to home, students have interned with the Culture of Life Foundation at its offices in Washington, D.C., and at the United Nations in New York, working to promote national and international policies compatible with the sanctity of human life. In 2010, two Thomas More undergraduates, Eleanor La Prade and Katie Lloyd, worked as editorial interns for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, conducting research on major academic institutions and preparing profiles of them for Choosing the Right College, a 1,000-page biannual guide. Four recent graduates of the college, William and Rosie Herreid, Paul Kniaz (all Class of 2010), and Martin Lockerd ‘09, served as Contributing Editors for the guide.

In the autumn of 2010, the College was also fortunate to host Dr. Michael Aeschliman, Professor of Education at Boston University, for a forum on preparing students for secondary teaching positions. Dr. Aeschliman, who also serves as Professor of English at the University of Italian Switzerland, advised the students on opportunities for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), and guided them through the failures of modern education. He suggested that Thomas More students, by virtue of their Catholic liberal arts training, were uniquely prepared to avoid the pitfalls of progressive education. While deepening the students’ understanding of the craft of teaching, Dr. Aeschliman also provided practical advice on obtaining the necessary credentials for a career in teaching.

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