Feast of St. Agnes of Assisi

by Thomas More College on November 19, 2010

Daily Mass
November 19, 2010
Luke 19: 45-48

This Gospel passage from St. Luke is a continuation of the chapter read at Mass yesterday morning. New, Jesus enters the Temple and confronts the merchants for their impious behavior in carrying out commercial business within the hallowed walls of God’s House, the Holy Temple.

Christ reminds everyone that they are on “hallowed ground;” they are in a Sacred and Holy Place. This is a lesson that we too must re-learn because among many of our contemporaries there is a growing habit to approach and to treat what is Holy and Sacred in a common, casual, and cavalier manner.

May we never take God and holy things for granted but rather understand that we are to approach them worthily, attentively, reverently and devoutly.


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