Feast of Christ the King

by Thomas More College on November 21, 2010

+ Christ the King
November 21, 2010
Luke 23: 35-43

Today, on the last Sunday of the Church’s Liturgical year, we are invited to honor the Kingship of Christ. The narrative from the Gospel of Saint Luke is taken from the Passion Narrative on Good Friday: Jesus is in agony hanging on the Cross.

Christ is a king but unlike any earthly king. He has come to serve, to suffer and to die. We are told by Saint Luke that people who passed by sneered at Him; they mocked and ridiculed Him.

Yet as the true King, Jesus saves; He forgives and redeems. Listening to the various groups of people at the foot of the Cross, we can say that there were three responses to the dying Christ: apathy, antipathy and sympathy.

Apathy or indifference is expressed by those passersby who take little notice of what is happening on the hill called Golgotha; they are too preoccupied with their own lives.

Antipathy or hatred is expressed by certain members of the Jewish leadership and members of the Roman military.

And finally, the sympathy that is expressed by the silent presence of Our Lady and of Saint John. Of special note is the request by one of the thieves hanging next to Jesus: “…remember me when you come into your kingdom.” The man has been given the gift of Faith and he asks to be admitted to the heavenly kingdom. Christ responds promptly and promises the repentant thief that he would be in heaven that very day.

Reflecting on this Gospel passage from Saint Luke and on the true meaning of today’s Feast, it is only right that we should put these questions to our own selves: Who is Christ the King for me? Do I believe Jesus is both God and King? Do I believe He redeems me by His Passion, Death and Resurrection? Is Christ the most important Person in my life? Do I know and love Him? Am I willing to serve Christ as my Lord and King?

Lord Jesus Christ, King of heaven and earth, help me to love and serve you faithfully at all times.


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