Thursday of the First Week of Advent

by Thomas More College on December 2, 2010

Thursday of the First Week of Advent
December 2, 2010

During the holy season of Advent, the church offers us the words and example of three important persons who guide and encourage us through his period of special preparation for the Liturgical observance of the Birthday of Christ.

The first of these is the Prophet Isaiah whose message is one of Hope in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah.

Isaiah was called to be a prophet during a period of time when God’s Chosen People were being sorely tried by suffering and hardship. They were, in fact, exiles in captivity. And so it seemed to many of them that the prophetic message of Hope preached by Isaiah was out of place.

Nonetheless, this courageous and holy man told the people what God wanted them to hear: a Messiah was coming who would free them from sin and death: He would be Emmanuel, God. With. Us.

Today, we and our contemporaries need to hear this message because, given the present economic, social and moral problems, many have given in to despair, indifference, and cynicism; the outlook for so many has become jaded.

May these weeks of Advent and the Scriptures Readings chosen for Holy Mass strengthen us and allow us, once again, to trust in Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Mary.


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