Feast of St. Francis Xavier

by Thomas More College on December 3, 2010

Friday in theĀ First Week of Advent
December 3, 2010
Isaiah 29: 17 – 24

Today we continue our meditation on the words of Isaiah, the Prophet of Hope. God speaks and says:

But a very little while,
and Lebanon shall be changed into an orchard,
and the orchard be regarded as a forest!
On that day the deaf shall hear
the words of a book;
And out of gloom and darkness,
the eyes of the blind shall see.
The lowly will ever find joy in the Lord,
and the poor rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

What does God mean when He says this? What meaning does it have for us today in this Liturgical Season of Advent of the year 2010?

The passage must be read in the light of the coming of the messiah and the changes Christ invites us to make. Some will undoubtedly say: Christ has already come and everything seems the same. What is the point? All efforts seem futile.

The answer is: Yes, Christ has come, historically, fulfilling the prophecy. But there is more. We recall the coming of Jesus each year during our Liturgical observance of Advent so as to make Him and His Gospel a living reality, something vibrant. It is the responsibility of each one of us, as members of the Church, to live the Gospel, to become living witnesses to Jesus.

Our contemporaries want this, contrary to what we see and hear. Early in November, the Holy Father went on Pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella and to Barcelona. And in spite of the deep inroads of secularism in the Spain of today, thousands of Spaniards came to see him including the King and Queen.

Pope Benedict XVI is a man of Hope, one who truly believes that Christ is stronger than any evil and that good will triumph.

May we allow the Graces of this Liturgical Season, the words of Isaiah and the example of the Holy Father to strength and encourage us during this Advent.


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