Blessed Adolph Kolping

by Thomas More College on December 10, 2010

Friday of the Second Week of Advent
December 10, 2010
Matthew 11: 16-19

We know from a careful reading of the four Gospels that Jesus regularly expressed His humanity. He wept over the fate of Jerusalem. He was tired, hungry and thirsty. And there were occasional displays of anger.

In the passage which has just been read from Saint Matthew’s Gospel, Christ expresses exasperation at the crowd for their selective hearing of the preaching of John the Baptist and now their stubborn refusal to heed His own words.

This particular incident reminds us of certain, unattractive traits found in man: His unwillingness, oftentimes, to take personal responsibility for us his words and actions; his contrariness when presented with the truth, and a moral righteousness which is hypocritical.

During this Advent Season, as we prepare for the Birthday of Jesus, may we strive always to listen attentively to the Word of God. May we live what we believe and by so doing, be a light to those around us. May our personal witness allow others “to see” and “to hear” Christ and may it lead them to become His faithful followers.


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