Blessed Honoratus Kozminski

by Thomas More College on December 16, 2010

Thursday of the Third Week of Advent
December 16, 2010

Our Lady is the third and most important guide given to us by the Church for our journey through the Holy Season of Advent. Recently, some reflections were made on the first two guides: Isaiah and John the Baptist.

God is true to His Word; He sends us His own Son yet He does so with the assistance and the cooperation of the Virgin of Nazareth, Mary Most Holy.

She is truly the Handmaid of the Lord, Ancilla Domini. Our Lady has placed herself completely at God’s service. How was it that Mary was able to say “yes” to God?

We learn the answer from the pages of Sacred Scripture. It is her in God’s Word that we see Mary of Nazareth as a Woman of Faith, Silence, Humility, Prayer, Obedience and Service.

Her Faith expressed itself in her trust of God’s Promise to her; Scripture tells us “she pondered (in Silence) all these things in her heart;” her Humility expressed itself in her saying: “I am the handmaid of the Lord;” when Gabriel came, Our Lady was praying; she accepted, in a spirit of Obedience, God’s invitation and, in a selfless spirit of Service, Mary traveled to the home of her relative, Elizabeth to care for her.

These virtues were acquired and enriched by Grace in response to Mary’s generosity and her willingness to serve God and to serve those around her.

May these remaining days of Advent prompt us to imitate the Mother of God and live these days in joyful anticipation and service to others around us.

Mary, most holy, Mother of God, and our Mother, pray for us now and always.


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