Feast of the Holy Family

by Thomas More College on December 26, 2010

+Feast of the Holy Family
December 26, 2010
Sirach 3: 2-7, 12-14
Colossians 3: 12-21
Matthew 2: 13-15, 19-23

Every year, during the Octave of Christmas, the Church invites us to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. In doing so, we are reminded that God Himself, incarnate in the Person of Jesus Christ, chose to be born into a human family with a Father and Mother, Saint Joseph and Our Lady.

In our time, efforts are being made to re-define the family; to re-configure the family. Such efforts must be opposed; must be rejected. From the beginning, God Himself willed that the family be composed of husband, wife, father, mother, and children.

The Scripture Lessons chosen by the Church for this Feast describe the principle attitudes and approaches which must be present in every human family. These include love, respect, esteem, patience, forbearance, constancy, fidelity and perseverance.

The “adhesive,” that which holds the family together is two-fold: prayer and forgiveness. The love, respect and esteem between husband and wife; the respect and obedience of the children.

There must be a willingness to forgive and, at times, overlook certain human failings. This is only possible with God’s Grace. And, as we know, these graces come to us through Prayer and the Sacraments.

On this Feast of the Holy Family and during these days of Christmas, may we renew our efforts to strengthen, to support and encourage every family to imitate the example of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family of Nazareth.


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