Feast of Our Lady

by Thomas More College on January 1, 2011

+Feast of Our Lady
The Mother of God
January 1, 2011
Sirach 24: 1-2, 8-12
Ephesians 1: 3-6, 15-18
John 1: 1-18

It is entirely appropriate that during these days of Christmas and, on the first day of the new Civil Year, our attention is directed to that Human whom God chose to be the Mother of His Son.

True to His Word, God the Father sends to us His own Son, Who is also the Son of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth.  She is the ancilla Domina, the Handmaid of the Lord.

How was it that Our Lady was able to say her “Yes” to God without condition or reservation?  We learn the answer from the pages of Sacred Scripture.  In these pages, we learn that Mary of Nazareth is a woman of Faith, Silence, Humility, Prayer, Obedience and Service.

These virtues of Our Lady where acquired and enriched by Grace because the Mother of God was generous and willing to serve those most in need.

During this Christmas Season and the New Year of 2011 may we imitate the Mother of God and so to live in total obedience to God.

Mary, Most Holy Mother, pray for us during these days of the New Year.  May we be faithful followers and servants of your Son, Jesus Christ.




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