Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Thomas More College on January 23, 2011

Latin Mass
January 23, 2011
Matthew 8: 1-13

The Gospel narrative from Saint Matthew read at this Mass relates the miraculous cure of two persons: a leper and the servant of a Roman Officer. Given the Gospel, it is important to speak for a moment about the miracles of Jesus.

No miracle recorded in the Gospels was ever performed simply to display Divine Power. In other words, a miracle for its own sake. Every one of Jesus’ miracles was performed as a response to some human need or request. In each and every case, Christ is responding to the faith and belief of a person or a group of persons.

In the Gospel passage that was just read, both the leper and the centurion alike believed that Jesus was God and that He was able to grant their requests. Belief in the divinity of Christ is an essential condition for each miracle. In fact, Saint Matthew tells us that Jesus Himself remarks on the faith of the Roman Army officer as being greater than He had ever witnessed “in all of Israel.”

What lesson can we learn from this account in Matthew’s Gospel which would be beneficial for us today?

What is the Holy Spirit inviting us to consider as we reflect on this Gospel passage?

First and foremost we must understand and believe that Christ is truly God and that He must be at the center of the lives of His followers.

Each one of us must believe in Him unconditionally as did the centurion and the leper and never hesitate to ask Him to help us.


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