Feast of St. Blaise

by Thomas More College on February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011
+ Saint Blaise, Bishop and Martyr
Romans 5: 1-5
Mark 16: 15-20

Today the Church invites us to honor Saint Blaise, Bishop of the Diocese of Sebastea in Armenia and martyred for the Faith in the year 316 A.D.  The blessing of throats on his feast day is attributed to his healing of a young boy who was choking to death from a fish bone in his throat; the two candles used in The ceremony are derived from the candles brought to Blaise in prison by the boy’s mother.

This Feast provides us with the opportunity to speak briefly about “Sacramentals,” blessed that are used by the Church to remind us of the power and Providence of God in the lives of the faithful.  They remind us also of the intercession of Our Lady and the Saints

However, it must be said from the outset that these Sacred Objects are not associated in any way with magic nor superstition.

Among these Sacramentals are: blessed Ashes, Candles, Rosary Beads, Incense, blessed Oil, Palms, the Blessing of a Priest, the Crucifix and Holy Water.

We human beings need physical reminders of God and the Sacred.  We need before us something other than “things” which have only an “earth-bound” identity and significance.

May we be grateful for these physical reminders of what is good and holy and thank God daily for His Providence.



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