Students Report Church News, Learn Journalistic Skills

by Thomas More College on February 16, 2011

Shortly after arriving in Rome, the students participating in the Rome Program for Spring Semester 2011 were offered an internship with H2onews. “Working with a new batch of student interns each semester is a valuable reminder of the importance of transmitting knowledge to the next generation,” said Tony Assaf, Director of the Vatican Studies Center and General Administrator of the Rome Program. “Should we fail in that task, the Church’s voice in the digital world would suffer so we take our mission seriously. Fortunately, it is also an enjoyable and uplifting task thanks to the enthusiasm of the students and the message of the Church. Being in Rome can’t help but be a source of inspiration to our mission of evangelization either.”

The internship at H2onews offers hands-on experience to students as they work directly in the H2onews office located next to Vatican City State. The students practice a variety of journalistic skills, from writing and editing to interviewing and recording their voices for the published news packages. The students are also given assignments at the news events around Rome.

“It’s a great experience,” said Sophomore Maureen Lloyd, of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. “It’s really awesome to learn the art of communication: how to speak, journalize and it’s also exciting to do it for the Vatican; for an international audience. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Assaf and to Thomas More College for giving me the chance to experience this.”

“I thought it was a very unique opportunity as you aren’t offered an internship every day,” said Sophomore Tyler Worthy, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, “and I wanted to take advantage of it to get the experience.”

“I saw it would be a good opportunity to improve my ability to communicate effectively,” said Sophomore Steven Herreid, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. “After hearing my first recording I immediately recognized certain faults in my regular patterns of speech. I’m glad to be aware of them and I’m grateful for Mr. Assaf’s suggestions as to how to remove them.”

The internship of H2onews was developed by the Vatican Studies Center of Thomas More College as one of its many responses to the Holy Father’s call for evangelization through media. The students will have the experience of being exposed to the news and activities of the universal Church at its epicenter, while receiving practical skills to transmit the information and education they have received in Rome out to the world through new and ever-developing technologies.

To listen to a sampling of the students’ broadcasts, click on the links below:

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