Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

by Thomas More College on February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011
Sixth Week in Ordinary Time
Genesis 9: 1-13
Mark 8: 27-33

The first Scripture Reading for this Mass is taken from the Book of Genesis, the book “of the Beginning,” the Book of “new Life,” so to say. After all that has happened, God wants to “begin anew;” God wishes to give mankind “another chance.”

In doing so, the Lord God establishes a Covenant with Noah, his sons and their descendants. God establishes a deep, personal relationship with His Chosen People. According to this Covenant, both parties will have personal responsibilities and obligation which are binding.

In establishing this Covenant, God is telling the Jewish People that the infidelities and disobedience of past generations did not destroy His love for those whom He created.

The rainbow which the Lord set in the clouds is to serve as a sign of hope, a sign of this new Covenant, this new Agreement between God and His people. Never again will God destroy the world by a flood.

This account from Genesis should be for us a sign of profound hope and trust in God’s Mercy. It should encourage us to take the necessary steps to conversion and holiness.

But, as we shall learn from the Scripture Lessons read at Mass tomorrow, man again falls from Grace. Yet, despite this, the Lord God remains faithful to His promise.

Although He punishes and purifies His Chosen People, the Lord God continues to love them and herein lies a lesson for us in our time which I will speak about tomorrow.



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