Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Thomas More College on March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011
Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Deuteronomy 11: 18, 26-28, 32
Romans 3: 21-25, 28
Matthew 7: 21-27

In the Gospel Reading for this Sunday Mass (Matthew 7: 21-27), Christ presents us with two images: one is the image of the person who actively responds to the Word of God when he hears it. Jesus says that this person maybe likened to the man who builds his house on a solid foundation.

The second image is of the man who is indifferent to God and to His Holy Word; he is likened to one who builds his house on sand; he is not on solid ground and faces disaster.

This passage from Saint Matthew, read on the final Sunday before Lent, provides us with an opportunity to examine our conscience in regard to the seriousness with which each one takes his Faith in Christ.

Am I a person who takes his Catholic Faith seriously? Do I listen intently to the reading of the Scripture Lessons? Do I understand them and put them into practice? Is my Faith in Christ unshakable, solid and firm? Am I easily discouraged by the difficulties of daily life? Do I pray every day?

Do I assist at Sunday Mass regularly and do I do so worthily, attentively, reverently and devoutly?

May this Sunday Mass and these accompanying Scripture Readings prompt us to live this coming Lenten Season with the proper dispositions and may we ask for the Grace to draw closer to Christ and place of ourselves at the service of those in need.



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