TMC’s Coloring Books Introduce Children to the Catholic Faith

by Thomas More College on March 10, 2011

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts recently released the third edition of its line of coloring books for children, which includes The Mass Illustrated for Children, Meet the Angels, and God’s Covenant with You. Widely popular among parents, grandparents, and teachers, these resources are carefully produced to introduce children to the Truths of the Catholic Faith.

Produced by Stratford and Leonie Caldecott and distributed by the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, these coloring books seek to implement the fundamental principle of the new evangelization: the intimate association of truth and goodness with beauty.

“The first challenge was getting children to relate to the central act of worship, the Mass,” said Leonie Caldecott. “There are numerous resources for first communion preparation, but there is still a pressing need for something which unpacks the symbolic and supernatural meaning of the Mass itself in a form that is visually accessible to younger children.”

This need led to the creation of an illustrated guide to the Mass for children aged 5 to 9, entitled The Mass Illustrated for Children. Unlike many other children’s guides, The Mass Illustrated for Children invites young people to color the pictures and scenes – charming line drawings which lead the child through each element of the ritual and provide abundant food for the imagination.

David Clayton, Thomas More College’s artist-in-residence, produced the beautiful full page illustrations included in God’s Covenant with You, which was written by Dr. Scott Hahn, one of the most best-loved Catholic commentators on Holy Scripture. This book is a simple approach to the Bible that communicates the Covenant and teaches the Catholic faith on many levels.

Clayton also produced the line drawings for Meet the Angels, which is designed to introduce children to the Angels that they hear about in the Bible. Simple Bible stories and traditional prayers show the role the Angels play in our lives as Christians, and encourage an imaginative engagement with Scripture that will keep your child growing in his or her faith.

“We meet our Guardian Angel, we see Abraham inviting three Angels to a meal, we share Jacob’s vision of Angels ascending and descending on a ladder to heaven, we glimpse the Angel of the Annunciation, the Christmas Angels, and many others,” said Clayton. “Each double-page spread consists of a text on one side, and line drawings to color in on the other. By coloring the book, children are drawn into these lovely stories and learn the Church‘s teaching in easy stages.”

These coloring books open windows in the child’s imagination through which the vision of the Faith can be transmitted, according to Leonie Caldecott.

“They prepare the ground and plant the seeds for a later, more intellectual appreciation of the Faith in the child’s mind,” said Leonie. “The challenging activity of coloring delicate pictures serves to engage the child in a more personal way with the symbolism and beauty of the images. The images themselves suggest levels of meaning and connections between Bible and Liturgy in a way that nourishes the child’s sense of mystery of the sacred.”

“Our coloring books were developed for one of the most over-looked elements in Catholic education today—fundamental catechesis,” said Thomas More College President William Fahey. “We are undertaking this project because many instructional materials that are currently available do not adequately equip teachers with the activities and resources they need to help young people understand the liturgy of the Mass.”

Thomas More College has released the latest edition of these books in time for Lent and First Communion. Each coloring book may be purchased on Thomas More College’s web site at


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