Students Descend–Yet Again–on Washington

by Thomas More College on January 25, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012 saw nearly half of the Thomas More College student body marching for life in Washington, DC.

Students departed Sunday night for Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they joined Harvard students in an hour of adoration and Vespers before boarding the bus to DC—a fitting beginning for a pilgrimage.

They arrived in Washington at dawn, attended Mass celebrated by Archbishop Dolan at the National Shrine, marched for life until four in the afternoon, and by 6:30pm were homebound.

The trip was grueling to be sure, but for the students of Thomas More College, it was a joy to stand up for the dignity of all human life.

“The crowd was huge, almost everyone was young, and the enthusiasm was amazing!” stated freshman Amie Green who attended the March for the first time this year. “I am so grateful to be at Thomas More College where I am not only discovering the truth in the classroom, but I am given opportunities to really live it with my peers.”

“As I was marching with so many thousands of others I was amazed at how much it meant just to be there,” said junior Kate Almeda. “The March is serious, but at the same time it is so hopeful and exciting because the focus is love of life and, as Archbishop Dolan said during his homily, the victory is already won because Christ has already conquered death through His resurrection.”

The students did not arrive back on campus until 4am on Tuesday morning giving them only a few hours to sleep before morning classes began.

“All those who made the trip displayed a striking commitment to the prolife cause,” said Gwen Adams, Dean of Women and Visiting Fellow at Thomas More College. “As students, they have responsibilities that demand the majority of their time, but they were willing to make the necessary sacrifices to defend life and still get up Tuesday morning for class—that’s admirable.”

Thomas More College students are regularly seen engaging the pro-life cause throughout New England and in Washington, DC.

They pray in front of Planned Parenthood in Manchester, volunteer at Friends of the Unborn, a home for young mothers who have struggled with abortion, and faithfully attend the Walk for Life in Boston as well as the March for Life in DC.  Each year, classes are cancelled so that students are able to travel to Washington to attend the annual March for Life.

To these activities is added the power of prayer—every night as the community of students pray the Rosary together they remember the prolife cause.

“Students attending Thomas More College are given a deep appreciation and understanding of the sanctity of all human life from conception to its natural end,” said Dr. Fahey.  “As part of our curriculum, students develop an understanding of the life issue on both the philosophical and theological levels so they are prepared to defend their position in the public square.”

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts provides a four-year undergraduate education which develops young people intellectually, ethically, and spiritually in the Catholic tradition and in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  Thomas More College introduces its students to the central questions of Western Civilization—and to the Church’s response.  It teaches students how to reason, engage in academic discourse, and to write.  Students from Thomas More College are shaped into faithful leaders who are able to pursue the individual vocations which God has given each of them.

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