My Roman Internship: Gaining the Keys to the City

by mschwerdt on March 15, 2012

By Lux Kamprath

The opportunities provided by this internship are truly amazing!  I am working at Catholic News Agency and H20 News, which are located across the street from the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica. My work consists of transcribing interviews for use in journalistic articles, and recording voiceovers for a weekly program called “Vaticano” that is broadcasted in the United States on EWTN.

But this is merely the beginning.  Beyond the enjoyable and interesting tasks of my internship duties, being involved with the news agency means acquiring a unique access to and perspective on the Eternal City.  It is marvelous to tag along with media professionals, jump into a Roman taxi cab, and ride across the city to conferences and events which would not otherwise be open and available to me, or perhaps even known.

One day we went off to the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls to cover the visit of several American bishops to the tomb of the Apostle.  On another occasion we got journalistic access to a convention organized by the Italian Bishops’ Conference on Christ and contemporary society, with an international crowd of speakers and attendees. Again, we’ve had the privilege of getting into a symposium at the Lateran University by the John Paul II Institute on the issue of marriage.  And the list goes on…

Speaking as a Thomas More College student, I must say that I feel genuinely blessed to be involved with this internship while studying in Rome. The occasion to get involved with the workings of Catholic journalism, to meet reporters, cameramen, editors and others involved with this work has been a wonderful opportunity.

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