New Beginnings: Graduating the Class of 2012

by Thomas More College on May 15, 2012

Saturday, May 12, marked the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2012 at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts—a day of celebration, of goodbyes, and of new beginnings.

The ceremony began with a prayer lead by the College’s long-time chaplain, Reverend John Healey.

“This day is yours in all of its joy and solemnity,” College president William Fahey said during the commencement. “We have met to dedicate a portion of this day to celebrate you.”

In recognizing the graduating class, Fahey expressed gratitude to students and their parents alike, acknowledging that without family support, the students’ success would be impossible.

Parents Patrick Monaghan and Larry Sifert each received the institution’s Thomas More College Medal for exemplary dedication and support to the school. Each of these men is the father of ten children who have attended the College. This year marked the graduation of the youngest of the Monaghan and Sifert families, Mary Monaghan and Elizabeth Sifert.

Dr. Paul Connell, a graduate of Thomas More College himself and now the Academic Director of the Rome Program, was the commencement speaker.

He began on a personal note, “You are no longer students. You are alumni, as am I; that is something we now share.”

“This ceremony is about renewal and rebirth; it is about beginning ‘tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new,’” continued Connell, quoting from John Milton’s poem “Lycidas.”

He went on to remind seniors of their responsibility to live a life full of purpose and dedication and to avoid the snares of cynicism, careerism, and hedonism.“For everything in life, there is a correct way of carrying it out,” said Connell, encouraging each graduate to create “a little island of order in a world of disorder and confusion.”


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