From Academia to the UN, NYC Skyscrapers, and Boston Law Firms

by Thomas More College on May 31, 2012

What do the United Nations, the Heritage Foundation, skyscrapers on Broadway, and Boston-based law firms all have in common?

They all played a role in the formation of Thomas More College students through our internship program.  From fighting the pro-life cause at the United Nations to battling liberalism in our Nation’s Capitol, Thomas More College students have had access to some of the highest level and most exciting internships available each summer. 

This access is due to the College’s size, according to Charlie McKinney, Thomas More College’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

“We’re a small College, so we can focus on the individual,” said McKinney.  “This is the case not only with our curriculum, but also with our fundraising and marketing efforts.  We get to know some of the greatest and most successful living leaders who are doing amazing things in business and for the Church.  By leveraging these relationships, our students often shoot right past the HR department and delve directly into the heart of most operations.”

This year, Thomas More College was able to significantly expand its internship program.  Because the College now oversees and manages Crisis magazine,, and Sophia Institute, our students are gaining hands-on experience in the world of both traditional and new media.

“Each day we have a team of students come into the office who are put to work immediately in distributing reliably Catholic and intellectually stimulating content in all ways possible,” said McKinney.  “They are learning how to use Facebook as a marketing tool, how to reach out to bookstores, how to analyze online trends, and how to keep a web page fresh and exciting.”

“This is just the beginning,” McKinney added.

“By the end of the summer, these students will be able to help us further develop our strategy for the future of these apostolates.  We want to reach as many people as possible with content that draws them closer to Christ and helps them to better understand the role of the Church in our world.  People spend years in school learning how to do this work.  Our interns are actually doing it—all while making a difference in the lives of others.”

Junior Elisabeth Rochon is spending her summer working specifically for “I have been researching and compiling the best resources to aid homeschooling mothers by giving them a reliable webpage that they can go to for all of their homeschooling needs,” Elisabeth said. “The webpage will provide information on assessment tests, state laws concerning homeschooling, curriculum guides and much more.  We hope this will be a useful tool for parents everywhere.”  

Once this task is completed, Elisabeth will begin compiling a list of helpful resources for those suffering with alcoholism, drug addiction, post-abortion trauma, and other problems that plague our culture.

Melissa Robbins, a junior, has been focusing on editing articles for Crisis magazine. “This internship,” Melissa said, “is a great way to learn skills needed to ensure success in future jobs, as well as securing basic skills that will help me in class assignments.  Not only do I get to learn how web sites work and how stories are posted, but I also learn so much by reading the thoughts of great Catholic minds on Crisis each day.

Other interns will be working on expanding the reach of Catholic classics through our publishing arm, Sophia Institute.  They will learn the entire production process, including cover design, typesetting, printing, and distribution.

“This is what the future of the Church needs,” said McKinney.  “Here we have young people who have read—and know—the greatest books of Western civilization.  We are teaching them how to think broadly and be entrepreneurial while maximizing the resources and technologies at our disposal.  The future of our Church depends upon young people having both the intellectual formation and the practical skills necessary to advance Christ’s message.”

All interested students are able to participate in Thomas More College’s internship program, and the College makes every attempt possible to match the student with a professional in the student’s field of interest.  Each year, more than 30% of the student body takes advantage of one of the internships that the College hosts through the U.S. and the world.

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