College Hosts Public Discussion on Obamacare

by Thomas More College on August 28, 2012

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the HHS Mandate, leading conservative activists in the religious liberty and healthcare fields gathered at Thomas More College for a public discussion. More than 100 individuals from the New England region descended on the College’s campus to hear the panel discussion on the consequences New Hampshire will suffer if Obamacare is indeed implemented.

Speakers included House Speaker William O’Brien, State Representative Andrew Manuse, and Connie Mackey, President of FRCAction PAC. The program began with an introduction by William Fahey, President of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, who has himself taken a bold and public stance against the Mandate.

Only a few months ago, Fahey wrote an open letter to President Obama and our federal representatives unapologetically articulating how the Mandate “erodes public trust that the government will observe the required restraint needed to allow citizens to exercise constitutional liberties.”

Fahey went on to explain further. No public case was ever made, no public consensus was taken, and the Mandate itself legislates that which is against the Constitution of the United States of America. Most abhorrent, he wrote, is that Obamacare treats as a disease that which is most precious in this world—human life.

He then poignantly questioned his readers, “If birth-control, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs are to be considered curative—as the administration desires—one must ask what is it that they ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’?”

“This mandate,” he continued,  “casts human life and pregnancy in the same category as diseases to be prevented, and it reduces the beauty and goodness of human sexuality to an individual, utilitarian, and dangerous act.”

Following Fahey’s opening remarks, Speaker William O’Brien described the economical repercussions of the Mandate.  New Hamphire will be required to spend tremendous amounts of money in order to support the recipients of public healthcare.  In fact, within only a few years increases in Medicaid coverage will become approximately 90 to 95 percent of the state budget.

Next, State Representative Andrew Manuse, Executive Secretary of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, elaborated on the measures taken by the New Hampshire Congress to avail itself of this startling increase in government costs.  The state legislature has passed a bill prohibiting the state from becoming a partner in a state healthcare exchange.  This move effectively prevents, for the present time, the federal legislation coercing New Hampshire into paying healthcare costs that it simply cannot afford.

“It will be incumbent on the next legislature to use the teeth that we gave them to really stop Obamacare from being implemented,” O’Brien said.  “I’m praying to God…that we do have Republicans elected to both Congress and to the state legislature so that we can appeal or amend Obamacare.”

The forum was organized by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire—a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus. Close to 100 people were in attendance. The book lined classroom of the classical New England campus was filled with members of the general public together with College summer workers, summer program students, and faculty and staff members. It was a unique opportunity for the meeting of conservative political activists and traditionally minded academics who, though serving in different arenas, are in fact united in a common fight to serve the common good of America.

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