Festivity, Hot Cider, Christmas Cards and Hobbit Holes.

by Thomas More College on December 19, 2013

Festivity, on the other hand, is a liberation. Through it the celebrant becomes aware of, and may enter, the greater reality which gives a wider perspective on the world of everyday work even as it supports it.

Josef Pieper ~ In Tune With The World


What better to do in the face of looming snowstorms, final examinations and paper deadlines, than to step into an afternoon of festivity; a communal refresher to energize one for what lies ahead.1476536_10151841325922862_1001312358_n

From ruddy-faced freshman to dignified seniors, Thomas More students recently flocked to the Thompson house for an afternoon of cheery preparation for the Nativity. Mrs. Thompson, wife of college fellow Mr. Thompson, hosted her annual Christmas Cookie decorating party, and excited attendees beamed as they took shelter from the snow for a much anticipated afternoon. Besides the traditional icing of cookies, students enjoyed sipping hot cider, making Christmas cards, a woodstove fire, and skillfully piecing together graham-cracker houses, churches, and hobbit-holes.

Christmas music played softly in the background, and all relished the opportunity of resting from studies to enjoy the company of each other and the college’s extended family for a few hours.IMG_2972

Sophomore Isabel Anderson commented, “I had a great time decorating, and loved seeing everybody’s masterpieces, whether a graham-cracker cathedral or rubber-stamped Christmas cards. This is an example of yet another heart-cheering tradition here at Thomas More. It was so kind of Mrs. Thompson and her family to host us for a creative gathering before we buckle down for finals and leave for the Christmas holiday.”

After a pleasant afternoon of sprinkling, icing, glazing, stamping and munching, students packed their creations for the trip back to campus, practicing Advent hymns and filled with energy for the upcoming yuletide.

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