Dusting off the Snow and the Books

by Thomas More College on January 23, 2014

DSC_1433After a Christmas vacation full of travel, warm fires, a wedding, good food and good books, energized students returned to life at Thomas More College.  Those returning found the campus newly cleaned and dazzling in Sunday sunlight after Saturday’s heavy snow.  Every bare branch, rooftop, and fencepost was festooned with frozen icing.  All agreed it was a beautiful sight.

Once people settled into their new rooms, they were able to catch up with their friends, organize bookshelves, play board games and ease back into life as a student.  It was a little quieter than usual as the entire sophomore class was absent from the snowy campus, no doubt getting supplies and organizing their Rome semester packing list.

Second semester at Thomas More College is a time to get down to business.  Juniors and Seniors are especially intent they prepare for personalized projects and challenging senior thesis topics.  For many students, the first week of school also included a trip to Washington D.C. to the March for Life. After buses  were cancelled due to foul weather, a few brave students traversed the blizzard, making it to the March and back again without loosing any extremities. Students could be seen across campus carrying multiple Amazon packages to and from the student mail boxes in the Library.  Classes met for the first time to discuss syllabi and gear up for the semester ahead. Lunch was full of happy chatter and abuzz with the much welcomed  hum of activity that gradually spread over the entire campus.




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