• Stratford Caldecott, MA (Oxon.), FRSA
  • Editor, Second Spring Journal Director, Center for Faith & Culture in Oxford
  • Oxford, England

Stratford Caldecott is the editor of the international journal Second Spring, co-director of Second Spring Oxford Ltd.(, co-editor of the UK and Ireland edition of Magnificat, and editor of the online book review journal of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington, DC, at Formerly a senior editor at Routledge, HarperCollins, T&T Clark, Sophia Institute Press, and currently a commissioning editor for the Catholic Truth Society in London, he also serves on the editorial boards of Communio, The Chesterton Review, and Oasis. He has written and edited books on J.R.R. Tolkien, the Seven Sacraments, the historian Christopher Dawson, liturgical reform in the Catholic Church, and a two-part study of the meaning and purpose of the Liberal Arts: Beauty for Truth’s Sake (Brazos, 2009) and Beauty in the Word (Angelico Press, 2012). Another recent book, also published by Angelico, is All Things Made New: The Mysteries of the World in Christ (2011). He has organized and spoken frequently at conferences, taught at a number of colleges, and has written and published widely on Christian apologetics, theology, and cultural themes in magazines and newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, including Touchstone, This Rock, Parabola and the National Catholic Register. Stratford lives in Oxford, where he studied Philosophy and Psychology as an undergraduate, and is now the G.K. Chesterton Research Fellow at St. Benet’s Hall.

Selected Articles: