Mass Illustrated for Children

The Mass Illustrated for Children

One of the greatest challenges Catholic parents face is nurturing in their children a reverent love for the Sacrifice of the Mass. The feast of Christ’s abundant love too often appears to children as a dreary exercise in keeping quiet and sitting still – as their parents fuss and fumble to maintain order. The longtime Catholic educators at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts are proud to announce a new resource that helps young Catholics grow in their understanding and love of the liturgy: The Mass Illustrated for Children.

Unlike many other children’s guides, The Mass Illustrated for Children invites young people to color the pictures and scenes – charming line drawings which lead the child through each element of the ritual and provide abundant food for the imagination. Like the stained glass windows that dazzle us adults, the rich images in this book serve as catechesis in color.

To help children follow along, the Priest’s prayers are highlighted in red, and the congregation’s responses are clearly marked in a distinctive font.  A helpful commentary explains the history and meaning of each element of the Mass, encouraging the child to delve ever deeper into its mystery and meaning, and develop that fundamental reverence which will nurture maturing faith.

The Mass Illustrated for Children was developed for one of the most over-looked elements in Catholic education today—fundamental catechesis.   We are undertaking this project because many instructional materials that are currently available do not adequately equip teachers with the activities and resources they need to help young people understand the liturgy of the Mass.

This booklet was published by ResSource, Ltd., based out of Oxford, England, and is distributed by Thomas More College in North America. It is the first publication in a larger collaborative effort between ResSource and Thomas More College to develop a new generation of educational resources for different age levels.

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