Upcoming Titles

Let the Children Come to Me, by Susan Bateman and Leonie Caldecott
A teacher’s guide for parents and teachers as they prepare their children for Communion.  This resources provides Scriptural and catechetical references for The Mass Illustrated for Children as well as excersises to deepen the child’s understanding of the central sacrament of the Church.

 God is Love, by Susan Bateman and Leonie Calecott
Assists children in their first approach to prayer, adoration, and the Sacrament of Penance.  Children learn about the Sacred Heart devotion, and they can make the book their own by coloring the beautiful and detailed illustrations.

 Walk with Jesus
Introduces children to the Stations of the Cross, and includes simple meditations written by children.

 Three Great Days
A guide to the Easter Triduum and what happens at each ceremony.

 The Seven Prayers
Serves as a simple prayer book for children with charming illustrations that can be colored.  Based on St. Benedict’s method of seven prayers each day, this resource also introduces the child to the medieval tradition of manuscript illumination.