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Issue Twelve: Theology of the Body

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The Theology of the Body, highlighted in this special issue, is a topic that reaches to the core of our humanity, and affects every aspect of human society. The legacy of John Paul II has continued to develop through the worldwide Institutes he founded and the many writers and thinkers he inspired. If you are interested in family, marriage, children, divorce, sexuality or related issues, this is the issue for you.

Articles include:

  • Gender as Sign of Trinitarian Love – by Stratford Caldecott
  • Spousal Nature of Feminine Beauty – by Mary Shivanandan
  • Childhood and the Grace of Original Innocence – by Stephen Milne
  • Virtues and the Communio Personarum – by Alan O’Sullivan OP
  • Mother and Child – by Léonie Caldecott
  • On the Ideal Basis and Fruition of Marriage – by Peter A. Kwasniewski
  • The Mission of Joseph – by Michael Kouyoumdjian
  • Reading Scripture with Benedict XVI – by Adrian Walker