Many Great Books programs keep you locked in a world of abstract ideas. The program at Thomas More College roots ideas into concrete reality, enabling students to engage the world with their minds, bodies, and souls.

To that end, Thomas More College has established a robust internship and apprenticeship program.  Key members of our faculty and staff visit with you to understand your long-term interests and goals.  With that information, we help to place you in volunteer and paid positions that give you the experience you need to be set on a firm path toward success once you graduate.

Thomas More College offers two programs in which students gain real-world experience:

Elisabeth interns for Catholic Exchange

Long-Term Apprenticeships

Thomas More College is uniquely positioned at the forefront of the New Evangelization brought about through Catholic media. The College’s publishing division, Sophia Institute, operates two major online web sites: Crisis Magazine and Catholic Exchange.

Students at Thomas More College have exclusive rights to work and learn under the tutelage of professionals in publishing, marketing, and journalism.  All students are able to take advantage of the flexible schedules and spend just a few hours each week between classes learning in a fast-pace environment while spreading the truths of the Catholic faith to more than 250,000 readers each month.

You have the opportunity to be actively involved in advancing the mission of one—or all three—of these institutions:

Crisis Magazine is an online magazine that is restoring thoughtful Catholic scholarship and articulates the Catholic perspective on subjects of politics, business, culture, faith, and family life. Crisis Magazine attracts over 6,000 readers daily.

Catholic Exchange is an online resource offering a lively and realistic perspective of the Catholic Faith in our time. A source of powerful inspiration and encouragement for integrating Catholic teaching into daily life, Catholic Exchange is read by 11,000 people each day.

Read about TMC students interning for Crisis Magazine and Catholic Exchange.

Sophia Institute Press is a publishing company that prints traditional Catholic classics as well as new texts written by emerging Catholic authors. Sophia has published over 200 titles and distributed 2.5 million books worldwide; every month, more than 7,000 Catholic books are sold.

Read about how Sophia Institute Press became the publishing division of Thomas More College.

Oliver and Yvonne intern in Spain

Pius XI Camp, Cuenca, SPAIN is a summer camp for children between the ages of seven and seventeen. Thomas More students teach English to these students while living in Spain for the summer. Upon completing the internship, they are guaranteed a teaching position in Spain after they graduate.

Read Elena, Oliver, and Yvonne’s story.

In addition to these opportunities, students are able to continue their internship program while on their required semester in Rome.  Options in the Eternal City include:

  • Aleteia. This Rome-based international news agency provides a solidly grounded Catholic perspective on world events, with TV and Web broadcasts offered daily.
  • Inside the Vatican. A well-informed and thoughtful monthly magazine published in Vatican City.
  • Radio Vaticana. The radio broadcasting voice of the Church, ever since Pope Pius XI commissioned Marconi to build him a transmitter in 1931.
  • Caritas International. A leading international alliance of Catholic charitable agencies.

Read about Lux’s internship while in Rome or about how Maureen, Steven and Tyler gained experience by reporting on Church news.

Vance interns for Mitsubishi Securities in New York City

Personalized Internships

If you are seeking experiences beyond those offered through the permanent apprenticeship program above, then you can speak with  key members of the faculty and staff to craft a program that fits with your interests and goals. The College makes every attempt to create for you opportunities that are both informative and rewarding.  In the past, these opportunities have included areas such as…

  • Finance—Students have interned in the world of investing, banking, and credit rating in major firms in New York and Boston.
  • Law—From interning at major law firms in Boston to clerking for a district judge in New Hampshire, Thomas More College students have been given the experience needed to be accepted into law school and have an upper-hand on their resumes.
  •  International Relations—There are several pro-life, pro-family groups working to protect the dignity of human life at the United Nations and throughout the world.  Read about Daria’s eye-opening experience here.
  • Protecting Life—Thomas More College students have always been active in defending life at all stages.  Several students have worked at both the United Nations in New York and at key organizations in Washington, DC to advance the pro-life cause.  Read Jeremy and Jacinta’s story.  Each year, Thomas More College students attend the March for Life in Washington, DC and the Boston Walk for Life.
  • Teaching—Many Thomas More College desire to become teachers after graduation.  To give you the extra experience you need, we have programs in both Spain and a ongoing relationship with Saint Monica’s School in Methuen where students gain practical classroom experience.