Life at Thomas More College

At Thomas More College, you do not simply study the Catholic tradition, you experience it.  From our medieval guilds to our Oxford and Rome programs, you are afforded many occasions to refresh your mind through student life events that are fun, physical, and hands-on.

See a year at Thomas More in pictures.

Our Director of Student Life plans an array of activities throughout each week that build upon our tight-knit community and offer the opportunity to bring to life the ideas you study in the classroom.

In addition to weekly guild meetings, our Director organizes fun and engaging activities for students, including formal banquets, dances, movie nights, open mic nights, talent shows, poetry contests, bonfires, and campus wide games.

Just as exciting, we offer trips each weekend to parts of New England (and sometimes beyond!) that take advantage of Thomas More College’s unique location.  Students can be found visiting the beaches of Maine, visiting Robert Frost’s Farm, hiking the White Mountains, walking the cobblestone streets of Boston, sailing through Boston Harbor, and visiting museums in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

We invite you to explore student life at Thomas More College through one of the links below:

St. Luke Sacred Art Guild
Our artist-in-residence, David Clayton, leads the St. Luke Sacred Art Guild, teaching you how to paint icons and draw in the Western naturalistic tradition. This extra-curricular class meets each week. Students can also experience the rigorous training of the Old Masters at the Ingbretson Studio, a world-renowned atelier located in Manchester, NH. Read more about our guilds >>
St. Joseph Woodworking Guild
Frank Jenkins—a master carpenter from Pepperell, Massachusetts leads the St. Joseph woodworking guild, exploring with students the properties of the major kinds of wood used in fine woodworking, the use and care of hand tools, the preparation of rough lumber for finish work, joinery, project conception and design, and finishing.  The class culminates in the completion of a small project of the student’s choice, such as a bookcase.  This optional class meets each Wednesday. Read more about our guilds >>
Friday Night Lectures
On many Friday’s throughout the semester, the College hosts a formal lecture delivered by a leading intellectual, member of the Church hierarchy, best-selling literary and political authors, and trained artists and architects.  Students always dress their best for the lecture, which is followed by a reception in the Warren Memorial Library.
St. Francis and Isidore Homesteading Guild
Your hands will meet the soil in our St. Francis and Isidore Homesteading Guild. You will learn how to properly care for vegetable plants from the time they are a seedling until harvest.  You will also learn how to make maple syrup and care for animals. Read more about our guilds >>
We have established a wide range of internship opportunities with international news services, Washington policy groups, Church-based charities, pro-life groups, and other sources of valuable work credentials.  Such internships have proven themselves to be a key stepping stone for that critical first job out of College. Read more about our internships >>
St. Gregory Music Guild
Through the St. Gregory Music Guild, you will learn liturgical chant as well as folk music.  In addition to vocal lessons, you will be able to learn how to play the banjo, guitar, and other instruments.  The St. Gregory music guild will enable you to play music and add to celebrations on campus.  This guild meets each week either in the chapel (when learning liturgical music) or by the firepit (when learning folks music). Read more about our guilds >>
Oxford botanic gardens Oxford Program
Thomas More College’s Oxford Studies Program is a two-week course held in Oxford, England that delves into the lives and thoughts of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, John Henry Cardinal Newman, and J.R.R. Tolkien.  You will visit key sites in England as you gain a deeper understanding of the role of the Catholic intellectual in today’s world through a combination of seminar-style lectures, guided tours, discussions, and conversations. Read more about our Oxford Program >>
Service Work
Most Saturdays, several students enact the corporal works of mercy by assisting the local food pantry, homeless shelters, pro-life organizations, and other groups.  These service activities will afford you the chance to consider your social obligations to the weakest in our society.
Student at St. Peter's When in Rome…
Each student at Thomas More College is required to spend one full semester at our 14-acre monastery campus in Rome.  In addition to daily tours of the Eternal City, students are afforded several opportunities for scholarship and practical experience.  Many students have written for Zenit News Agency while in Rome–the largest Catholic news agency in the world—while several others have interned for Vatican Radio, H2O News, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, and other institutions. Read more about the Rome Semester >>